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-┬┤Breeze in the Sun`- -┬┤Breeze in the Sun`-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Quite the breeze.

This was very well made, and the only turn off for me was the sudden transformation of the song to be more techno oriented. This would have been much better as an un-touched classical piece. Then again, I must respect your tastes. Very good choice of instruments, and you are gifted as a composer. But, as one musician will always tell another, "Work on it." :P

Good show, mate.

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DavidKracht responds:

Thanks for the positive comment, yes i thought i would surprise people with the sudden transformation,

I thought the same as you first, but i just thought it missed something. And there you go, Trance.

- David

Random Tandem (just listen) Random Tandem (just listen)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Overall, very relaxing.

I enjoyed almost every second of the track. Although, I think you should definitely work on your synth sequences. The drums were very tribal, and the guitar was amazing as well. May I inquire as to how you produced this track? Programs, equipment, anything of the like, name them for me, please.

SOSproductionz responds:

I used FL studio 7, No equipment as of now, im waiting for an M-Audio axiom 25. So no recording just using my computer keyboard to find good melodies and what-not. The VST's i use in this are. Fruity Pluck(in fl studio), Luxonix Ravity, Fruity kick(In fl studio), a FPC(drum machine like thing in FL studio) kit (Tribal drums). And Some drum samples that came with FL studio.

The tribal drum kit came from a great add on for FL studio you can get it at

<a href=""></a>